An unparalleled result, a cost-effective solution

Which weeds to treat with our solution ?

The majority of broadleaf weeds are accurately identified and then locally stressed, while the turf remains intact. SporteeTM is very effective on the main weeds that contaminate sports fields in large numbers :

  • clover
  • plantain 
  • dandelion 
  • oxalis 
  • ground ivy
  • daisy 
  • carbgrass
  • etc... 

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Can it be used everywhere ?

Whether it is a geometric surface (football, rugby, etc.) or a non-geometric such as a golf course, our high-performance weeding robot  is suitable for large grassy sports fields. The professional can choose between two modes : either the automatic mode where the robot carries out the weeding in complete autonomy or the guided mode where the professional pilots the robot himself from a tablet (supplied).

Whether the pitch has a high turf density or is more sparse, SporteeTM works mechanically in the same way. A predefined setting is available to cover more than 80% of the cases encountered. For certain less frequent cases of soil and contamination, the user can modify the setting parameters to obtain the desired result.

High accuracy and careful work

The scope of work is easily defined and to the nearest centimeter : the optimal coverage of the ground to be weeded is thus automatically calculated - no corner is left uncovered. Without human intervention, SporteeTM delivers what you expect : no holes, no clods, no more approximate uprooting and ultimately a weed-free uniform turf.

A natural and effective process

Our unique weed identification technology discriminates against undesirables in your lawn and then eliminates them using our innovative process. Capable of treating large areas with great accuracy, SporteeTM has been designed to give you the best of technology without the complexity. 

The identified weed is exfoliated and shredded in such a way that it no longer allows photosynthesis, leaving the turf intact and eliminating the associated overseeding costs. In successive passes, the weed is weakened and eventually gradually dies back, leaving the desired grasses to re-colonise the space.